Welcome to a cutting edge approach that bypasses traditional talk “about” problems and goes directly to the source; the strategies that hold problems in place.  This is a whole new way for getting clear about what you’re doing, then doing what works.

Fact is, human beings are pattern makers.  You have patterns and strategies for everything you do. These patterns get hard-wired into the brain, allowing you to function without having to relearn everything along the way.  The problem is, unwanted and painful strategies get wired in as well, overriding your natural drive and disrupting your ability to live the life you want.

The good news is you can access this information.  With guidance and support you can identify patterns, reconnect with resources and expand your choices.  When working at this deeper level, every moment holds the potential for change and the opportunity to awaken to your own natural intelligence.  Learn more about ChangeWorkStrategies

A brief introduction to my approach….

I hold an enduring optimism in the ability of all people to change, grow and wake up to their own natural intelligence. I don’t think people are broken, but rather believe they get stuck in unhealthy patterns that they can’t seem to break free of.

That said, people also have extraordinarily creative strategies buried just beneath the surface. These strategies are connected to personal passion, purpose and vitality; but they remain obscured and forgotten when negative patterns get a stronghold on thoughts, speech, feelings and actions.

Together, our job is to soften the stronghold while taking an incisive look at how ALL patterns inform your life… only then, can you make a conscious choice about how you want to live.  Click here for more information on Changework Strategies.

A brief introduction to my specialties…

A bit more information…

I have recently returned to the Bay Area and private practice after  2 1/2 years of working with military members and families across the country..  I am presently seeing clients in both my Pittsburg office at 440 Railroad Ave. Suite 212  and my Pleasant Hill office at 1519 Contra Costa Blvd.  Feel free to call me at 925-457-7230 with questions, concerns or to set up an appointment.